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Russell IPM Ltd Unit 45 First Avenue Deeside Industrial Park Deeside, Flintshire, CH5 2NU United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1244 281 333 Fax: +44 1244 281 878 E-mail:

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Russell IPM is one of the leading manufacturers of insect pheromone-based monitoring and control products. Our core expertise is behaviour-modifying insect pheromone lures and non-toxic bio-pesticides. We have pioneered a number of new technologies for agriculture, pest control and public health, including smart IoT-connected monitoring products.

The Russell IPM headquarters and main production facility is based in Deeside in the UK. In addition, there are five trading subsidiaries in Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, China, India and Bangladesh. Working closely with distribution partners in 20 countries, Russell IPM supplies a range of insect-monitoring and control products in key global markets.