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Director of Russell Bio Solutions to present a new fruit fly solution at Biopesticides Summit

2nd - 3rd July 2019 Swansea University, United Kingdom

Russell IPM is amongst the sponsors of the inaugural Biopesticide Summit in July 2019.

The Biopesticide Summit 2019 will focus on the development for mass application of innovative Biocontrol solutions that are free from toxic chemicals and pesticides and will help protect our environment, food chain and people's long term health. The pressures for new products come from three major stakeholder groups: the consumers, who demand groceries with less to no chemical residue, nitrates and hormones. Legislators aim to meet these demands with removing dangerous pesticides from legal use, but the gaps that such removals leave often remain unfilled by better, safer pest control solutions. Thirdly, as insect resistance to pesticides grows, we need to be more pro-active and innovative in anticipating the next big epidemy and come up with effective solutions well in advance. One such solution for fruit fly management has been perfected by our sister company, Russell Bio Solutions. The company director, Dr Nayem Hassan, will be presenting the novel solution comprising of an innovative trap and gender-specific pheromone attractant, at the Summit. For more information, please click here.