Optiroll Yellow

Optiroll Yellow

Colour optimised sticky roller trap for whitefly and aphid control

Aphids and Whitefly are economically important pests that cause significant damage to a range of greenhouse crops every year. In the fight to biorationally control these pests, Russell IPM have developed three key products that utilise a scientifically optimised yellow wavelength proven to enhance catch and provide safe, simple and residue-free control.

Benefits of Optiroll

  • Scientifically optimised colour matrix.
  • Complements biorational integrated pest management programmes.
  • Leaves 0% residue on fresh produce.

Available in two sizes – 30cm and 15 cm.

Size Product Code More Information
15 cm x 100 m PCT-DEMIROLL-Y Click to enquire
30 cm x 100 m PCT-OPTIROLL-Y Click to enquire

Optiroll Yellow

Russell IPM’s R&D team conducted trials to determine the most attractive wavelength and density of Optiroll colour for whitefly capture. In extensive trials conducted in partnership with the Knowledge Transfer Partnership, Trialeurodes vaporariorum was found to be most attracted to traps consisting of ‘Yellow 1’ colouring. Russell IPM now incorporate this particular yellow colour in each of its Optiroll products to ensure maximum trap catch against whitefly.

Optiroll Yellow for Whitefly and aphid control

Optiroll Super

Optiroll Super is the latest development in the Optiroll product series. The addition of a unique patented design to the optimised yellow roll was scientifically proven to increase Whitefly attraction compared to industry standard glue rolls. Targeted research on the behaviour of pests in response to different trap patterns was carried out by Dr C. Sampson of the University of Keele, resulting in the development of the design now used and patented by Russell IPM for the Optiroll Super range.

Optiroll Super Plus

Based on the success of Optiroll Super with its unique patented design, Russell IPM has added a third dimension of attraction by infusing the Western Flower Thrips pheromone into the adhesive layer. The pheromone, in combination with the scientifically optimised pattern and colour, significantly enhances attraction and catch rate to increase the spectrum of catch to include thrips as well as whitefly and aphids, when compared to industry standard glue rolls.

Optiroll Super Canada

Which Optiroll product is right for you?

Each greenhouse has a diverse range of crops, microclimates and other ecological conditions that result in a unique ecosystem. As insects are living organisms they are very susceptible to slight environmental changes and so control strategies that work in one greenhouse may not work so well in another. In collaboration with various growers in different climates and industries, Russell IPM has developed 3 core products in the Optiroll range that are each suited to the array of environments most commonly found to host whitefly species these include Optiroll, Optiroll Super and Optiroll Super Plus.

Contact us to find out more. Always read the label and product information before use. Use all bio-products safely.

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