Rhinoceros Beetle

Rhinoceros Beetle, Oryctes rhinoceros

Oryctes rhinoceros, Rhinoceros beetle is a serious insect of coconut palm. It is also known as Asiatic rhinoceros beetle, black beetle, coconut black beetle, coconut palm rhinoceros beetle, coconut rhinoceros beetle (English), date palm beetle, dung beetle. The Synonyms are Oryctes stentor, and Scarabaeus rhinoceros. It is distributed in South East Asia.

Russell IPM manufactures and supplies pheromone lure, traps and complete monitoring systems for Oryctes rhinoceros, Rhinoceros beetle. It is also know as onino moth. Pheromone trap data give early warning of the infestation and also exhibit the density of the insect populatio


The Imagos of Oryctes rhinoceros are large 30-57mm long and 14-21 mm breadth, black or reddish black in colour, stout and possesses a characteristic cephalic horn which is larger in males. The pygedium is densely clothed with reddish brown hairs on the ventral surface in the female (Nirula, et. al., 1952) a feature which helps in distinguishing it from the male. The duration of immature stages of Oryctes rhinoceros has been studied by various authors under differing conditions. Whitish brown eggs are 3 to 4mm long and take 8 to12 days to hatch. Developmental period is 1st instar larvae 10 to 21 days , 2nd instar larvae 12 to 21 days, 3rd larvae 60 to 165 days , pre-pupae 8 to 13 days and pupae 17 to 28 days (Bedford, 1976a; Catley 1969; Cherian and Anantanarayanan 1939; Goonewardena, 1958; Gressitt 1953; Hinckley 1973; Kurian and Pillai, 1964; Nirula 1955). Mature larvae are C- shaped, with brown head capsule and legs. The imagoes remain in the cocoon for about 11 to 20 days (Lever, 1979). Mating occurs in breeding sites (Zelazny, 1975).The life cycle lasts from 4 to 9 months allowing more than one generation per year. In India average adult longevity is about 4.7 months and fecundity per female is 108 eggs (Nirula, 1955) (Source: Global Invasive Species Database, 2005).