Small Mothcatcher Trap

Mini Mothcatcher Trap

Simple to use funnel trap for monitoring and containment of various moth pests

Russell IPM’s MothCatcher traps (universally known as bucket traps) have been developed to be highly effective at trapping a range of moth pests. The weatherproof casing is designed for use with pheromone lures for monitoring and mass trapping of flying insects.

The traps are hardwearing and can be used for several seasons. Additionally, as the entry point is covered, the moth trap is suitable for outdoor and dusty environments.

Benefits of the Mini MothCatcher trap

  • Durable and hardwearing for both indoor and outdoor trapping.
  • Clear casing allows ease of monitoring and identification.
  • Robust trap can be used for several seasons.
  • Simple to install and maintain.
  • Green colour reduces attraction to non-target insects.

What makes this trap different from the standard Mothcatcher Trap?

  • Size. This trap is smaller at at a size of 19.5cm x 15cm. It is lower capacity for smaller numbers of pests. This makes it ideal for gardens and allotments.
  • The lid of the trap is a green colour to make it less attractive to beneficial insects.
  • The trap targets micro Lepidoptera such as Tuta absolutaCydalima perspectalis (the box tree moth) and other  moths present in gardens.

Why choose the Mini MothCatcher from Russell IPM?

Russell IPM’s Mini Mothcatcher is a smaller version of the yellow Mothcatcher trap. Like the large trap, is designed to make monitoring of key moth pests simple and efficient.  Accurate monitoring is essential to minimise damage and protect crops. Therefore, installation of the Mini Mothcatcher trap will ensure you are alerted to the presence of unwanted pests at an early stage, detecting the insects before they become a major problem and enabling timely and effective treatment.

Mothcatcher moth trap and monitoring solution from russell ipm

Simple but effective monitoring

The Mini MothCatcher can be utilised with both liquid and solid attractant lures in a range of at risk environments including orchards, greenhouses and quarantine and disposal areas to monitor for economically important lepidopteran pests. The traps can be easily cleaned and reused from season to season, making them a cost-effective solution when compared to other monitoring devices on the market. If moth pests are found within the Mini MothCatcher, even at low levels, this can be a clear indicator of a potential infestation to inform future control programmes. Additionally, placing the traps at a higher rate throughout the orchard can enable catch of larger numbers to assist with population management.


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