Egyptian Cotton Leaf Worm

Spodoptera littoralis, Egyptian cotton leaf worm

Egyptian cotton leaf worm, Spodoptera littoralis,  is a serious insect of cotton, tobacco, alfalfa, soybeans, clover, and vegetables.It is distributed in Africa, southern Europe, and the Middle East.The feeding activity of young caterpillars causes “windows” in the leaves, while older caterpillars can completely defoliate plants if present in large numbers.

Russell IPM manufactures and supplies pheromone  trap, lure and complete monitoring systems for Egyptian cotton leaf worm, Spodoptera littotralis. Pheromone trap data give early warning of the infestation and also exhibit the density of the insect population.


The moth has a wingspan of 35 to 40 mm. Fore wings are brownish with bluish overtones and straw yellow along the median vein; the ocellus is marked by 2 or 3 oblique whitish stripes. The front of the wing tip has a blackish marking, more pronounced in the male. Hind wings are whitish, with a brown front edge. In its region of origin (Egypt), some ten generations occur each year; in greenhouses, only 7 are possible, depending on the conditions, which may cause its migration, this moth over winters as a pupa in the soil.

Research & Development

Trap application guidelines

Do not re-use the trap to monitor different insects as this may lead to mixed catches. One trap for every two hectares of large scale fields of homogenous lands.

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Lures for pest monitoring


Lures can be changed every 4-6 weeks to get the most accurate results.

Lures handling

Pheromone lures are a very sensitive tool. They can be affected by exposure to elevated heat and direct sunshine. Direct touching by hand may cause cross contamination leading to mixed catches in the trap. Some contaminants such as Nicotine May have repellent effect reducing trap catch.

Lure Storage

Store in a cool dry place.

Shelf life can vary from 3-36 months depending on the storage temperature.

See Technical Data Sheet for further details.

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