Spotted wing drozophila, Drosophila suzukii

Spotted wing drozophila, Drosophila suzukii

Product overview

Russell’s Suzukii trap for monitoring Drosophila suzukii, Spotted wing drozophila (SWD) is an efficient, robust and long-lasting trap that can be used with either our liquid or pouch pheromone lure. Field trials have demonstrated that it its catch is on par with similar market leading traps, but with reduced catch of non-target species, making it easier to count and identify SWD. It has outstanding performance in combination with the liquid SWD lure.

Benefits of the Suzukii Trap:

  • SWD catch equals that of the market leader
  • Reduced catch of non-target species makes it easier to assess SWD numbers
  • Multiple entry points to maximise SWD trap catch
  • Versatile; can be used with liquid or pouch lures
  • Robust, weatherproof, re-usable trap
  • Red colour is highly attractive to SWD
  • Flat bottom for easy stacking and storage
  • Reduced catch of non-target species

How to use?

From March, monitor weekly using Suzukii Traps to determine whether SWD numbers are increasing, time treatments and to determine whether  your control measures are effective. Before fruiting, place traps at 2 metre intervals around the perimeter of the crop   to reduce crop invasion from woodland and overwintering sites  (80-100 Suzukii traps per ha).  Once SWD are in a crop, use 1-2 Suzukii traps per 1000 m² for monitoring pest levels.  In cherry and stone fruit, position the traps about 10 meters inside the perimeter from the early leaf stage. For soft fruit, place traps in the crop once the fruit  starts to swell. To reduce SWD infestations use an integrated pest management programme including good hygiene, netting (where possible), frequent cropping, disposal of damaged fruits and targeted spraying with effective crop protection products. Traps should be serviced regularly. Old trap contents should be collected and disposed with away from the trap and preferably outside the orchard.

Product code: PCT-F12-RU

Storage: Traps should be wiped, dried and stored carefully for use in the following season.

Where to use: In open field spaces, woodlands, orchards, gardens, parks or between crops. In soft fruit and cherry crops, use during the growing season.

The Suzukii trap's perforation is large enough for Spotted wing drosophila to enter, but too small for most other insects, limiting the catch of beneficials.
Xlure SWD outperformed competitor dry lure
Release of attractive volatiles from Xlure SWD, showing prolonged release (20-22°C)

Related products:

Two lure choices for monitoring Spotted Wing Drosophila are available from Russell IPM that can be used in combination with the Suzukii Trap, Xlure SWD, a specific, long-lasting lure with steady release and XS Lure, a liquid lure, which has proved the most effective attractant of SWD in field trials.

Benefits of Xlure SWD: long-lasting release of up to 3 months

  • Consistent release rate of attractants
  • Reduced catch of non-target species
  • Can be used with a variety of SWD traps
  • Xlure SWD can be moved from a saturated trap to a fresh one

Benefits of XSLure SWD, a broad-spectrum liquid lure

  • Higher capture of SWD
  • Best performing liquid bait in multiple field trials
  • Packaging convenient for dispensing liquid from trap to trap