Tuta Plus

Tuta +

A successful trapping solution for Tuta absoluta and other glasshouse pests

The Tuta + roll from Russell IPM combines a highly attractive yellow film with a specific, slow release formulation of Tuta absoluta pheromone that enables long-lasting attraction in glasshouse conditions.

The pheromone is incorporated directly into the adhesive layer – providing a more cost effective and environmentally sensitive solution when compared to traditional dispensers.

Benefits of Tuta+

  • Scientifically optimised colour wavelength.
  • Easy to install, simply hang or secure near to target crop.
  • Leaves 0% residue on fresh produce.
  • Slow-release pheromone incorporated into adhesive layer.

Why choose Tuta+ from Russell IPM?

Tuta + consists of a Tuta absoluta pheromone incorporated into the adhesive layer. The pheromone formula provides a steady release of attractant for long term efficacy as well as species specific attraction to reduce the effect on beneficials. It is particularly useful for the greenhouse tomato growers, as the roll can provide a simple and effective tool for tuta populations whilst the yellow colour attracts a broad spectrum of other key crop pests including whitefly and aphids.

Tomatoes protected from Tuta absoluta by solutions from Russell IPM

Broad spectrum pest management

Tuta absoluta can cause complete crop devastation over a period of 48 hours, with the moth’s increasing resistance to conventional pesticides and rapid reproduction rate making it an economically important tomato pest that is proving averse to conventional control methods. The Tuta + provides an additional layer of protection for farmers enabling rapid identification to the presence of the pest and control of adult populations of leaf miner, whitefly and aphids.