For the targeted and effective mass trapping of Tuta absoluta

Tutaroll is an innovative product from Russell IPM for the management of Tuta absoluta, the tomato leaf miner moth. The pest management tool consists of a clear film coated with non-drying glue and treated with a slow release Tuta absoluta pheromone formulation.

Field trials demonstrated how Tutaroll was able to capture Tuta absoluta successfully with minimal effect on beneficial insects such as Nesidiocrosis tenuis or Trichogramma achaeae. Therefore, Tutaroll can be recommended for safe use with a range of biological control systems.

Benefits of Tutaroll

  • Ensures a steady release of attractant
  • Species-specific to reduce attraction to beneficials
  • Fully compatible with other biological control systems

Why use Tutaroll?

Tutaroll’s clear film consists of a Tuta absoluta pheromone incorporated into the adhesive layer. The pheromone formula provides a steady release of attractant for long term efficacy as well as species specific attraction to reduce the effect on beneficials. It is particularly useful for the greenhouse tomato growers, as the roll can provide a simple and effective tool for tuta populations confined within greenhouses.

tutaroll sticky roller trap for tuta absoluta control from Russell IPM

Integrated solution

Tuta absoluta can cause complete crop devastation over a period of 48 hours, with the moth’s increasing resistance to conventional pesticides and rapid reproduction rate making it an economically important tomato pest that is proving averse to conventional control methods. The Tutaroll provides an additional layer of protection for farmers enabling rapid identification to the presence of the pest and control of adult populations. Tutaroll is compatible with other biological and biorational control systems, such as those utilising natural parasites or bio-pesticides including Antario and Biotrine – making it a valuable addition to integrated pest management programmes.