Bactrocera Oleae Pheremone

Bactrocera oleae Pheromone (Lure)

Bactrocera oleae Russell IPM pheromone
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Lure Details

Russell IPM manufactures and supplies nature identical pheromone lure, Qlure-BAO for monitoring The Olive fruit fly, Dacus oleae / Bactrocera Oleae population.

This selective pheromone dispenser, Qlure-BAO baited trap provides early warning of the infestation and they become serious. It remains active over a period of 4-6 weeks in field condition.

Product Code: PH-138-1RR

Commercial Name: Qlure-BAO

Type of dispenser: Special Grade LDPE dispenser.

Use: Monitoring and Mass Trapping.

Replacement: Every 4-6 weeks subject to field temperature.

Hand carefully. Avoid direct contact by hand. Use gloves to avoid undesired contamination.