The solar powered light trap designed to control Tuta absoluta

Ferolite utilises a specific wavelength of light in combination with sex pheromones to lure Tuta moths into the water-based trap. The plastic base is simply filled with water and a thin layer of oil to trap and contain the pests without the use of toxic chemicals or pesticides.

Benefits of Ferolite

  • Simple to install and easy to use
  • Use over several seasons due to strong, robust material
  • Attracts both male and female moth species
  • Use with any solid pheromone lure

Why use Ferolite?

Ferolite is an innovative Tuta absoluta trap where light and pheromones are combined to maximise trap catch. The trap is able to capture both the female Tuta absoluta moths as well as the male, providing an increased level of control when compared with gender specific monitoring devices. The operating principle of Ferolite is based on the synergy of sex pheromone and a particular light frequency to which Tuta absoluta is most attracted to.

Ferolite switches on during the 3-4 hours before sunrise, as extensive testing has shown that this period results in the highest number of moth catches. Therefore, the Ferolite trap light is controlled through a regulator that activated the lightsource in the last quarter of the night to maximise the trap efficacy.

Tomatoes protected from Tuta absoluta by solutions from Russell IPM

Solar Powered Efficiency

Ferolite is a self-contained, ready to use unit that is powered by solar energy. The solar based unit will extend the reach of the technology to remote farms as it does not require a power supply to function. The synergistic effect of light and pheromone increases the trap catches substantially. In experimental studies Ferolite showed a significant improvement on capturing Tuta absoluta than that of application pheromone and light individually.