Has the Diamondback or Cabbage Moth wreaked havoc on your Brussels sprouts this year?

Has the diamondback or cabbage moth wreaked havoc on your Brussels sprouts this year?

_92798979_mediaitem92798978Diamondback moth a.k.a. cabbage moth has struck in the UK just in time for the holidays, threatening Brits’ most beloved or most hated Christmas meal traditional garnish, the Brussels sprouts.

Diamondback moth (DBM) is present worldwide wherever its cruciferous host plants grow. Although caterpillars of the Diamondback moth are a serious pest of field-grown vegetable crops, they can also affect a range of cruciferous crops grown for their ornamental value such as ornamental cabbage and kale, stocks and wallflowers and therefore these crops should also be monitored for signs of the pest. The Diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella) is often described as a ‘super-pest’ because it has a rapid lifecycle and has been found to be resistant to some insecticides. Lately, the moths have developed resistance to pyrethroids and novel, integrated pest management solutions need to be utilised to combat infestations.

Fortunately, Russell IPM has the solution: its Ferolite trap which can be used with the cabbage moth’s pheromone. These traps are easy to use, and the pheromone acts as a natural, toxin-free yet potent attractant, ensuring complete control of the pest.

Get in touch today if your crops have been affected. Russell IPM can supply both the trap and the pheromone that can salvage your Brussels sprouts.

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