Pheromones from Russell IPM

Pheromone-based technology allows species specific control of pests with reduced effects on beneficials. The airborne nature of the pheromone molecules mean that blanket spraying of chemicals is reduced to minimise residues on fresh produce. For this reason Russell IPM is proud to offer over 150 pheromone lures for the management of agricultural and commercial pests.

Latin Name Common Name Product Code More Information
Acrolepiopsis assectella Leek moth PH-010-1RR Find out more
Adoxophyes orana Summer fruit tortrix PH-017-1RR Find out more
Agrotis exclamationis Heart and dart PH-019-1RR Find out more
Agrotis ipsilon Black cutworm PH-020-1RB Find out more
Anarsia lineatella Peach twig borer PH-049-1RB Find out more
Anthrenus verbsci Varied carpet beetle PH-052-1PR Find out more
Aonidiella aurantii Red scale PH-057-1RR Find out more
Archips podana Large fruit-tree tortrix PH-103-1RB Find out more
Archips rosana Rose tortrix PH-104-1RB Find out more
Archips xylosteana Variegated golden tortrix PH-106-1RR Find out more
Argyresthia conjugella Apple fruit moth PH-114-1RR Find out more
Autographa gamma Silver Y PH-123-1RB Find out more
Bactrocera cucurbitate Melon fly PH-134-1SR Find out more
Bactrocera dorsalis Oriental fruit fly PH-136-1RR Find out more
Bactrocera invadens Asian fruit fly PH-137-1SR Find out more
Bactrocera oleae Olive fruit fly PH-138-1PR Find out more
Bactrocera zonata Peach fruit fly PH-139-1SR Find out more
Batrachedra amydraula Lesser date moth PH-142-1RR Find out more
Busseola fusca African stem borer PH-140-1RR Find out more
Byturus tomentosus Raspberry beetle PH-150-1SR Find out more
Byturus tomentosus Raspberry beetle PH-158-1PR Find out more
Camararia ohridella Horse-Chestnut Leaf-Miner PH-170-1RR Find out more
Carposina nipponensis Peach fruit borer PH-175-1000B Click to enquire
Ceratitis rosa Natal fruit fly PH-181-1SR Find out more
Ceratitis capitata Mediterranean fruit fly PH-180-1SR Find out more
Ceratitis cosyra Mango fruit fly PH-185-1SR Find out more
Chilo partellus Spotted stalk borer PH-187-1RR Click to enquire
Chilo supersalis Asiatic rice borer PH-188-40SD Find out more
Choristoneura murinana European fir budworm PH-196-1RB Click to enquire
Choristoneura fumiferana Eastern spruce budworm PH-189-1RR Click to enquire
Chrysodeixis chalcites Tomato Looper PH-195-1RR Find out more
Clepsis spectrana Cabbage leafroller PH-197-1RR Click to enquire
Cnephasia pumicana Cereal Tortrix PH-198-1RR Click to enquire
Cosmopolites sordidus Banana root borer PH-210-1RR Find out more
Cossus cossus The goat moth PH-213-1PR Find out more
Cryptoblabes gnidiella Honeydew moth PH-220-1RR Click to enquire
Cryptophlebia leucotreta False Codling Moth PH-221-1RR Find out more
Cydalima perspectalis Box tree moth PH-223-1RR Click to enquire
Cydia fagiglandana Beech moth PH-224-1RR Find out more
Cydia funebrana Plum fruit moth PH-228-1RR Find out more
Cydia lobaczewski Appleseed moth PH-226-1RB Click to enquire
Cydia molesta Oriental fruit moth PH-229-1RR Click to enquire
Cydia nigricana Pea moth PH-231-1RR Find out more
Cydia pomonella Codling moth PH-227-1RR Find out more
Cydia pyrivora Pear codling moth PH-230-1RR Click to enquire
Cydia splendana Chestnut tortrix PH-250-1RR Click to enquire
Dacus ciliatus Chestnut tortrix PH-265-1SR Click to enquire
Dacus cucurbitae Melon fly PH-270-1SR Find out more
Dacus dorsalis Oriental fruit fly PH-267-1SR Find out more
Dacus oleae Olive fruit fly PH-268-1PR Find out more
Dasineura mali Apple leaf curling midge PH-272-1RR Click to enquire
Dasineura oxycoccana Blueberry gall midge PH-273-1RR Click to enquire
Diabrotica virgifera Western corn rootworm PH-275-1RR Click to enquire
Diaphania hyalinata Melon worm PH-280-1RR Click to enquire
Diaphania indica Cucumber moth PH-282-1PR Find out more
Diaphania nitidalis Pickleworm PH-281-1RR Click to enquire
Drosophila suzukii Spotted-wing drosophila PH-288-1SR Click to enquire
Duponchelia fovealis Family Crambidae PH-290-1RR Click to enquire
Earias insulana Egyptian bollworm PH-315-1RR Find out more
Earias vittella Bollworm PH-315-1PR Find out more
Ectomyelois ceratoniae Carob moth PH-301-1RR Find out more
Enarmonia formosana Cherry-bark Moth PH-327-1RR Find out more
Ephestia cautella Tropical warehouse moth PH-314-1RB Click to enquire
Erias insulana Egyptian stemborer PH-315-1XL Find out more
Etiella zinckenella Family Pyralidae PH-320-1RR Click to enquire
Eupocilla ambigulla VIne moth PH-330-1RR Click to enquire
Euzophera bigella Quince moth PH-335-1PR Click to enquire
Euzophera pinguis Tabby knot-horn PH-338-1RR Click to enquire
Evergestis forficalis Garden pebble PH-336-1RB Click to enquire
Frankliniella occidentalis Western flower thrips PH-339-1RR Click to enquire
Gortyna xanthenes Artichoke moth PH-440-1PR Find out more
Grapholita funabrana Plum Fruit Moth PH-444-1RR Click to enquire
Grapholita lobarzewskii Appleseed moth PH-445-1RR Click to enquire
Grapholita lobarzewskii Tortrix moths PH-445-1LL Click to enquire
Grapholita molesta Oriental fruit moth PH-446-1RR Click to enquire
Halyomorpha halys Brown marmorated stink bug PH-611-1RR Click to enquire
Hededya nubiferana Green Budworm Moth PH-456-1RB Click to enquire
Frankliniella occidentalis Western flower thrips PH-339-1RR Find out more
Hedya nubiferana Marbled Orchard Tortrix PH-456-1RR Click to enquire
Helicoverpa armigera Cotton bollworm PH-462-1RR Click to enquire
Heliothis armigera Old World (African) bollworm PH-460-1RR Find out More
Heliothis assulta Oriental tobacco budworm PH-457-1000B Click to enquire
Heliothis obsoleta Corn earworm PH-463-1RR Click to enquire
Heliothis peltigera Bordered Straw PH-458-1RR Click to enquire
Heliothis virescens Tobacco budworm PH-461-1RR Click to enquire
Heliothis viriplaca family Noctuoidea PH-464-1RR Click to enquire
Heliothis zea Corn earworm PH-459-1RR Find out more
Hippotion celerio Vine Hawk-Moth PH-470-1PR Click to enquire
Ips typographus European spruce bark beetle PH-480-1RR Click to enquire
Kermania pistaciella Pistachio pest PH-490-1RR Click to enquire
Lacanobia oleraceae Bright-line brown-eye PH-535-1PR Click to enquire
Laspeyresia fagiglandana Beech Moth PH-549-1RR Click to enquire
Laspeyrisia splendana Chestnut fruit moth PH-550-1RR Click to enquire
Lepisma saccharina Silverfish PH-536-1RR Click to enquire
Leucinodes orbonalis Eggplant fruit and shoot bore PH-539-1PR Click to enquire
Leucoptera malifoliella Pear leaf blister moth PH-540-1RR Click to enquire
Lithocolletis blancardella Spotted tentiform leafminer PH-544-1RR Click to enquire
Lithocolletis corylifoliella Hawthorn red midget moth PH-543-1RR Click to enquire
Lobesia botrana European grapevine moth PH-548-1RR Click to enquire
Lymantria dispar Gypsy Moth PH-552-1PR Click to enquire
Lymantria monacha Nun moth PH-553-1PR Click to enquire
Lyonetia clerkella Apple Leaf Miner PH-560-1RR Click to enquire
Maliarpha separatella Maliarpha separatella PH-570-1RR Click to enquire
Mamestra brassicae Cabbage moth PH-577-1RB Click to enquire
Mamestra brassicae Cabbage moth PH-577-1RR Click to enquire
Mamestra configurata Bertha Armyworm PH-578-1RR Click to enquire
Mamestra oleracea bright-line brown-eye PH-579-1RB Click to enquire
Margaronia unionalis Family Crambidae PH-580-1RR Click to enquire
Maruca vitrata Maruca pod borer PH-581-1RR Click to enquire
Musca domestica Housefly PH-586-1RR Click to enquire
Myopardalis pardalina Baluchistan melon fly PH-583-1SR Click to enquire
Mythimna unipuncta White-speck PH-585-1RR Click to enquire
Myopardalis pardalina Baluchistan melon fly PH-583-1SR Click to enquire
Mythimna unipuncta White-speck PH-585-1RR Click to enquire
Nemapogon granella European grain moth PH-590-1RR Click to enquire
Neoleucinodes eleganralis Fruit borer PH-600-1RB Click to enquire
Nezara viridula Southern green stink bug PH-610-1RR Click to enquire
Opogona sacchari Banana moth PH-670-1RR Click to enquire
Orgyia antigua Rusty Tussock Moth PH-660-1PR Click to enquire
Orgyia pseudotsuga Douglas-fir Tussock Moth PH-662-1RR Click to enquire
Oryctes elegans Date palm fruit stalk borer PH-671-1PE Click to enquire
Oryctes rhinoceros Asiatic rhinoceros beetle PH-672-1PE Find Out More
Ostrinia furnacalis Asian corn borer PH-669-1000B Find out more
Ostrinia nubilalis European corn worm PH-668-1RR Click to enquire
Pammene fasciana Chestnut leafroller PH-675-1RR Click to enquire
Pammene rhediella Fruitlet Mining Tortrix PH-676-1RB Click to enquire
Pandemis ceresana Barred fruit-tree tortrix PH-678-1RR Click to enquire
Pandemis heparana Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix PH-677-1RB Click to enquire
Pantomorus cervinus Fuller rose beetle PH-679-1SR Click to enquire
Paranthrene tabaniformis Dusky clearwing PH-680-1RR Click to enquire
Pectinophora gossypiella Pink bollworm PH-702-1RR Click to enquire
Pectinophora malvella PH-703-1RR Click to enquire
Phthorimaea operculella Potato tuber moth or tobacco splitworm PH-754-1RR Click to enquire
Phyllonorycter blancardella Spotted tentiform leafminer PH-710-1RR Find out more
Phyllonorycter corylifoliella Hawthorn red midget moth PH-711-1RR Click to enquire
Plannococus citri Citrus mealybug PH-723-1RR Click to enquire
Platynota stultana Omnivorous Leafroller PH-725-1RR Click to enquire
Plodia/Ephestia Multi-species stored product moths PH-728-1RK Click to enquire
Plusia chalcites Tomato looper PH-729-1RR Click to enquire
Plusia gamma Silver Y PH-731-1RR Click to enquire
Plutella xylostella Diamondback moth PH-730-1RR Find out more
Porthetria dispar Gypsy Moth PH-993-1RR Click to enquire
Prays citri Citrus flower moth PH-735-1RR Click to enquire
Prays oleae Olive moth PH-734-1RR Click to enquire
Prodenia litura Oriental leafworm moth PH-738-1000B Click to enquire
Proeulia auraria Chilean fruit tree leaf folder PH-740-1RR Click to enquire
Quadraspidiotus perniciosus San Jose scale PH-788-1RR Click to enquire
Red Palm Weevil Red Date palm Weevil PH-800-25T Click to enquire
Rhagoletis cerasi Cherry fruit fly PH-795-STB Click to enquire
Rhagoletis cerasi Cherry fruit fly PH-795-1SR Click to enquire
Rhagoletis pomonella Apple maggot PH-797-1SR Click to enquire
Rhyacionia buoliana Pine Shoot Moth PH-796-1RR Click to enquire
Rhyzopertha dominica Lesser grain borer PH-820-1RR Click to enquire
Scobipalpopsis solanivora Sand fly PH-846-1RR Click to enquire
Scrobipalpopsis solanivora Central American potato tuberworm PH-846-1LL Click to enquire
Sesamia cretica Corn stem borer PH-848-1RR Click to enquire
Sesamia inferens Pink Stem Borer PH-850-1RR Click to enquire
Sesamia nonagrioides Mediterranean corn borer PH-849-1RB Click to enquire
Sitotroga cerealla Angoumois grain moth PH-857-1RR Click to enquire
Spectrobates ceratoniae Carob moth PH-860-1RR Click to enquire
Spilonota ocellana Bud moth PH-866-1RB Find out more
Spodoptera exempta African armyworm PH-871-1RR Click to enquire
Spodoptera exigua Beet armyworm or small mottled willow moth PH-867-1PR Click to enquire
Spodoptera frugiperda Fall armyworm PH-869-1PR Click to enquire
Spodoptera littoralis African cotton leafworm PH-868-1RR Find out more
Spodoptera litura Oriental leafworm moth PH-870-1RR Click to enquire
Stenoma catenifer Avocado seed moth PH-890-1RR Click to enquire
Synanthedon myopaeformis Red-belted clearwing PH-915-1RR Click to enquire
Synanthedon pictipes Lesser peachtree borer PH-917-1PR Click to enquire
Synathedon tipuliformis Currant clearwing PH-916-1RR Click to enquire
Synathadon myoproformis Red-belted clearwing PH-915-PROLINE Click to enquire
Syndemis musculana Dark-barred Tortrix PH-914-1RB Click to enquire
Tecia solanivora Potato tuberworm PH-925-1RR Click to enquire
Thaumetopoea pityocampa Pine processionary moth PH-931-1RR Click to enquire
Tineola bisselliella Common clothes moth PH-934-1RR Click to enquire
Tortrix viridana Green Oak Tortrix PH-935-1RR Find out more
Tribolium spp. Flour beetles PH-932-1RR Click to enquire
Trichoplusia ni Cabbage looper PH-933-1RR Find out more
Tuta absoluta Tomato leaf miner PH-937-100 Find out more
Zeiraphera diniana Larch Tortrix PH-989-1RB Find out more