Tuta Black

Tuta Black

A successful trapping solution for Tuta absoluta


The Tuta Black roll from Russell IPM combines a highly successful black film with a specific formulation of Tuta absoluta pheromone that enables steady and long-lasting attraction to the moth in glasshouse conditions.

The pheromone is incorporated directly into the adhesive layer – providing a more cost effective and environmentally sensitive solution when compared to traditional dispensers.

Benefits of the Tuta Black

  • Easy to install, simply hang or secure near to target crop.
  • Leaves 0% residue on fresh pro­duce.
  • Slow-release pheromone incorporated into adhesive layer.

Why choose Tuta Black from Russell IPM?

Tuta Black consists of a Tuta absoluta pheromone incorporated into the adhesive layer. The pheromone formula provides a steady release of attractant for long term efficacy as well as species specific attraction to reduce the effect on beneficials. It is particularly useful for the greenhouse tomato growers, as the roll can provide a simple and effective tool for tuta populations. It is a cost effective, pre-baited, ready to use trap. This roll can be used for the mass trapping and control of Tuta absoluta.

Tuta Black can protect against tuta absoluta damage

Integrated solution

Tuta Black provides an additional layer of protection for farmers enabling rapid identification to the presence of the pest and control of adult populations of the leaf miner. It has minimal effect on beneficials, allowing successful integration of the sticky roller trap into various biological control programmes.

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